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Whole House Audio

What are MultiZone Audio Systems?

When music meets State-of-the-Art technology, nothing else can be better. We listen to music in our computer, cell phones or stereo system. What if we can listen to music at any and every corner of our home? Yes, that has become possible now with a Whole House Audio System, or MultiZone Audio Systems, as they are often called. Multiple Surround Sound zones can be defined throughout the house, and they can all be played separately or at once.

Systems for everyone

Whether you’re a classic or pop music lover, you have simple or specialized needs, we will customize how you will hear the music for your best listening experience. We provide a wide variety of products with the ability to optimize not only for your musical taste, but tailored to the environment of your house.

There are many affordable configurations for any budget. For newly built homes, most appropriate configurations are pre-wired, where everything is carefully planned and designed for the entire house, in the pre-construction phase. For finished homes, there are plenty of wireless systems which can be just as efficient. These days, the installation and operation are very easy and  makes it very simple to rock any house.

Control in your hands

The best part of  this kind of customized installation, is that you can control the volume and loudness of the music and also what your family and children listen to. So, you can keep working in your room and listen to your favorite music while your kids are in their rooms listening to what they want and your wife can listen to her favorite music or talk-show while cooking in the kitchen.

Multi-Zone and Multi-Source

A multi-zone system is one that can play multiple  audio sources in different places at a single time. Most of us are storing music on our computer, home server, iPod, or are willing to listen to CDs, digital radio stations or online music. But how can you manage so many sources? In so many different rooms of the house? Well, it’s easier than ever to manage media, affordable and easy to install.

The Magic of Sound

A magic touch of a button and your whole house turns into a concert hall. Or a dance club, if you’d prefer. What about that cozy, warm place called home? You like having some friends over? That next party at your house will not be forgotten, having the same music playing in every corner of your home, without blasting that stereo again. Louder by the pool and softer in the kitchen? No problem!

Keep dreaming! We will make it happen!

We can’t promise that we’ll change your music preferences, but we can guarantee the audio system of your dreams. We will change your perception of sound. Forever. And if you want the house to start rocking when you park your car, we can do that too.

So, let your imagination run wild. We’ll keep up with it.

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